Quit Laziness in Its Tracks with 4 Simple Tips

Feeling overwhelmed and using post-its?

Numerous associate laziness with an absence of self-control. Hesitating is a signs and symptom, not an issue. Think it or otherwise, you have an actually excellent factor for hesitating, yet you’re not paying attention! Generally, we’re as well hectic slamming ourselves!

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Poor Behaviors Are Outdated Emotional Programs

Most of us bring obsolete actions that no more offer us. These old practices might have functioned long earlier to aid us delay pain as well as really feel risk-free. They could have allowed us in the past to obtain our requirements fulfilled indirectly, yet if you permit unfavorable idea patterns or actions to manage you today, your desires will certainly be prevented as well as you’ll really feel disempowered.

When we permit ourselves to obtain interested as opposed to defeating ourselves up with objection, remarkable points take place. The concern is raised, as well as we take a breath a bit much more easily. When we make the effort to check out with concern what’s sustaining laziness, we find informative responses formerly concealed.

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4 Actions for Conquering Laziness

Take a minute now as well as select a job or lasting job you’ve been procrastinating on or a time of day when you tend to put things off. Next, follow the four simple steps below.

Your answers will give you powerful and practical solutions toward effectiveness and greater inner peace.

Step 1: Replace judgment and criticism with curiosity.

Create a sense of safety by peeling off the self-condemnation. One of the most important shifts we can make when exploring procrastination is to observe ourselves with acceptance and self-compassion. Judgment and criticism only keep us stuck. Get curious and lose the judgment!

Step 2: Explore the need behind the resistance.

What legitimate need might be competing for your time, attention, and energy?”

When we are delaying a task or project that we desire to complete, there is often a legitimate need fighting to be fulfilled. Check in and see if you need something. It might be exercise, a drink of water, rest, or resolving a personal conflict.

Businessman working hard at his desk.

Step 3: Meet your need that't competing!

For instance, you’ve been working long hours on a very important project. Your body is aching, there’s static in your mind, and your actions are ineffectual and scattered. You find yourself avoiding the last leg of your project. To avoid your feelings of guilt, you alternate between surfing the Internet (disguised as “more research”) or listening to TikTok videos. However, they don’t drown out the harsh self-talk aimed at “guilting” you back to work.

Let’s look at the possible needs and reasons for procrastination.

Possible Needs Competing with Your Project:
1) The need of your body for movement.
Your body is aching for movement and exercise; after all, you have actually been sitting at that computer for 3 hours! Your body’s need is competing with your mind and your desire to finish the project.

A woman taking a break to run stairs

SOLUTION: Stop and exercise.
You’ll be far more productive! And you’ll be happier because you’ve made yourself a priority.

You may be saying, “I just don’t have time to exercise!” Of course, there may be situations where this could be true. If so, take whatever time you have available. Anyone can walk down to the water cooler and take a few deep breaths. Or get a jolt of movement and a new perspective by running up and down a flight of stairs to get the juices flowing. After your project is completed, figure out a time in your schedule and commit to regular exercise—then do it!

2) The need for a connected relationship with your spouse.
You’ve been ignoring your spouse and have canceled two lunch dates this week and worked late several times for work.

Check for a gnawing feeling inside that you may be stuffing. You might feel guilty for not making your spouse a priority. Or you could be longing for conversation, physical intimacy, or you genuinely want to spend time with your partner. Or they really fill you up and are one of your major supporters. Or you just flat-out miss them!  

SOLUTION: Stop and connect.
Call your spouse and have a short but loving conversation or go for lunch and get refreshed. Productivity is highest when all parts of us are fully on board! Listen and take care of yourself in the middle of stressful times.

3) Your need for validation and appreciation is missing. 
You discover some resentment toward your boss for unrealistic timelines and the expectation of working through lunch regularly. When looking a little deeper, you feel taken for granted and are reminded that you are also due for a review with raise that has been postponed several times.

SOLUTION: Talk to your boss.
Make a commitment to yourself that you will approach your boss about your concerns. Before you start up on the project again, send an email and ask for a meeting.

Then do a mind dump of all you’ve been storing inside. Write down and release all the pent-up emotions and revolving thoughts that have contributed to the stress.

Now, watch the energy and motivation flow back into you!

Step 4: Reward and celebrate yourself.
Brain fitnss boosts us to greater effectiveness.

Our brains are pleasure-seekers. The more
you reward concentrated work and celebrate accomplishments—even small ones—with fun and pleasure, the more productive you’ll become!

Invoke your “super brain” with this very concept and try it for yourself. It works!

So how to overcome procrastination? You don’t overcome anything; you listen to what you need.

Self-care is foundational to all truly sustainable productivity. And sometimes, taking care of yourself means saying “no” more often! 

When we adhere to our heart, self-discipline becomes unneeded. Self-discipline is only a cape on a person aligned with what’s important to them. Commit to what really matters to you—then you won’t procrastinate, as well as you’ll have time for taking care of YOU!

Just in case you’re still thinking laziness is a time management problem, think again. Read our blog: “Procrastination Is Not a Time Management Problem.”

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